Introducing Microcosmos international preschool teachers

At Microcosmos International Preschool we employ are teachers who are committed to every class and each student.


Name: Pooja Bhasin

Master's degree in TESOL (English Teaching Method) at graduate school

Personal Quote: With love and patience anything is possible 

Hi, I’m Pooja from the Butterfly Class. I have a Masters Degree in Teaching English. My experience expands teaching students hailing from a vast background from Elementary School up to University. I also have experience teaching students across a wide learning spectrum from giftedness to learning disabilities. 

Story and Art Classes are my favourite at MC! It's my personal belief that Story Time helps kids discover and connect to the world around us and Art helps to discover and connect to the person within. As an MC Teacher, I hope to raise children with kind and just hearts who can contribute to the world as fulfilled adults.

Name: Minami Muraoka

Nursery teacher qualification (H30, 4 application)

Personal Quote: Move forward one step at a time

Hello! I’m Teacher Minami for the Caterpillar class. I went to university in the US for 5 years. After I came back to Japan, I started working at Microcosmos. While working, I studied and obtained a preschool teacher certificate. I love kids and their pure hearts. I enjoy discovering something  new with the kids! Let’s have fun and grow together! 

Name: Maria Evita Limlengco

Personal Quote: Always be grateful

Hello everyone! I’m Teacher Evita for the Bumblebee Class at MC. I fell in love with teaching at a young age, which prompted me to take up English Education and Literature in university, and later on, Early Childhood Education for my masters. I have been fortunate enough to apply my knowledge and experience with the children in the international community here in Tokyo. The highlights of my day at school are when I see children’s eyes light up when they learn something new and when they give me tight hugs. Teaching challenges me to be more creative, patient, and understanding. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your child’s growth and journey here at MC! 

Name: Sayuri "Lily" Ando

Personal Quote: Seize the day  

I have experience in teaching children in kindergarten from ages one to seven years old. I am the type of person who enjoys engaging myself in an environment, which involves mental and physical activities. Working with children allows me to have the opportunity to build special relations with these young people and, as their teacher, it will be a great privilege to become a part of their learning experience as they grow up.

Name: Bhamini Jain 

​Personal Quote:I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better

Hello! I’ve been teaching at MC for almost two years now. I’m passionate about value creating education and it makes me happy that I get to work with the wonderful students at MC.

My goal is to facilitate students social and emotional learning towards developing empathy towards their social and ecological environments. After all, in the end, it’s is the heart that’s important.

I am constantly amazed watching our students grow and flourish. 

I love exploring different ways of expressing art and approach education through a hands on applied learning approach! 

It has been a great pleasure growing with all our students and I look forward to all the growth and learning that is to come!

Name: John "Jack" Thomma

Personal Quote: Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Hi I'm Jack from the Ladybug Class! I'm really interested in human development and learning, so I've been working with children for a few years now and learning a lot. My BA is in Psychology and my MA is in TESOL (International Language Education), so I often combine ideas from both fields to design my lessons. Two big influences on my teaching are two great psychologists, Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget. I am a very active person and I want my students to be active as well, and I believe that children should always be learning even when we play. I am also a huge believer in balancing mental, emotional, and physical health, so I often exercise with the children while practicing English and social-emotional learning. The children and teachers at MC make this school a perfect environment for meaningful learning, but we also have tons of fun and look forward to spending each day with each other.


What is TESOL?

TESOL stands for initial of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and is a field of study of English teaching methods for people who do not use English as their native language. There is a TESOL Certificate acquired at a vocational school and a Master of Education in TESOL (Master's Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language) awarded to graduates. The TESOL Certificate and TESOL Masters Degree are international qualifications, so acquisition requires specialized knowledge of language acquisition and English teaching methods and high teaching skills.