Life At MC

Preschool daily schedule and yearly events 


Daily Schedule

Joyfully playing with friends using English

Learning English in fun ways

Here are some of the kids who spend their time at Microcosmos International Preschool & Kindergarten in our all-English environment.


bright play time.jpg

Arrival 8:30-9:30


Children arrive in good spirits ready to start the day.


Everyone greets friends and teachers with a happy "Good morning"


Say "Bye Bye I love you!" to Mom and Dad


Each day beings with a greeting


bright carpet time 5.jpg

Carpet time

cheerfully singing and dancing to English songs with friends and teachers 


When the teacher calls my name I say "I'm here in a big voice"


Everyday the butterfly and ladybug classes check the day of the week, date and weather with everyone.


ladybugs 2.jpg

Table Time

Together we work on drawing, crafting, arithmetic, reading and writing alphabets, phonics.


Park Time

We play at the near by park Somei Yoshi No Sakura No Sato Koen. On the way there and back we sing many English songs.


lunch time 1_edited.jpg

Lunch Time

A healthy lunch that everyone can enjoy.

"Thank you for the food. Let's eat!"

A Japanese-style home-made lunch is provided daily.


quiet time 1.jpg

Quiet Time

After lunch it's time to read books!!

Which book should I read today?

Exploring different worlds found in books is fun!!



Table Time & Eurhythmics


Afternoon study time


Caterpillars(2-3) and Bumblebees (3-4) have Eurhythmics class every Thursday


carpet time 6.jpg

Bye Bye Time


Let's say hello to everyone and review what we learned today.



Pick Up 14:20-14:30


I played and learned a lot in English today!!

"See you tomorrow!"


After Kinder classes start soon

Let's join after class!!

Yearly Events


We have many exciting events!!

At Microcosmos International Preschool & Kindergarten, there are various events tailored to the season, so that children can make lots of happy memories.


Birthday party (monthly)

Field Trip

Parent-child BBQ

Visit to Disaster Prevention Center

kaisei laugh.jpg
birthday party 2.JPG


Pool time

Summer festival


Summer School

bright sleepova 1.jpg
sleepova 3.jpg
summer 1.jpg


Home visit

Field Trip with Parent  

Halloween party Sports day

chichibu takuma.jpg
halloween 2.jpg
sports day 5.jpg


Christmas party Classroom visitation Field Trip 

Graduation ceremony

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kung fu panda.jpg
xmas 1.jpg