Be Joyful, Be Caring, Be Courageous


Microcosmos Music School was established in 1995. For over 20 years I have been involved in child development from my work as a piano instructor. Taking advantage of that experience, we opened Microcosmos Preschool & Kindergarten in 2003. During that time, I studied early childhood education at university and got a certification for a kindergarten teacher. I'm sincerely grateful to all my advisers from whom I received valuable consultation on the difficulty and importance of early childhood education.

I am really grateful that many graduates of Microcosmos are spreading their wings in their respective elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools while continuing to attend after class at our school. The children who come to Microcosmos everyday creating life long bonds with friends are also growing into capable people who are good at English and music.

Through various activities during early childhood we put into practice the mottos of our school: Be Joyful, Be Caring, Be Courageous.

Also, during early childhood is the opportune time to learn both English and music, taking advantage of this period children become individuals where speaking English and playing music becomes second nature.

Above all it's nice to see children chatting with native speakers in a natural way.

Microcosmos is a school that has been built with the cooperation of parents and the efforts of teachers gathered from all over the world.

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