When my son was 2 years and 8 months old, we came back to Japan from an English speaking country. Since both his Japanese and English speaking levels were about the same, I started to look for English schools so that he wouldn't forget English. After visiting a number of schools, we decided to join Microcosmos. When deciding what qualifies as a good school, at the minimum most people think about the building's security and facilities. However I wanted to put emphasis on the content of the lessons and the care of each child. When I looked at other schools, there was one school where the teachers were speaking English at a very slow and unnatural speed. It’s already been one year since he joined Microcosmos and I am very pleased that we joined this school. He happily attends school everyday and I can see his development in English. Also after entering the school I realized how earnestly the teachers prepare and teach the lessons and various events, I'm always impressed. Also during a filed trip I was moved  at how well the older kids take care of the younger kids. I feel that Microcosmos provides a comfortable environment with a small number of students where the kids can learn English naturally and learn how to be nice to their friends. He also loves the school lunch. So every night before he goes to bed he checks the  next day's menu.


I’m one of the first students who graduated from microcosmos kindergarten. Learning at microcosmos, I was able to learn English in a very fun way in an environment surrounded by many foreign English teachers. Now as a high school student, learning English at a very young age made it easy for me to understand English and improve my listening skills. 

One of the best memories I had was when we got to go trick-or-treating around the kindergarten on Halloween. We would wear costumes and experience trick-or-treating like our teachers did in America,  which I would never have done if I was in a normal kindergarten. The teachers also made a haunted house in the basement for us to have fun. 

With all the kind and fun teachers, Microcosmos is a great place where children can study English everyday!


東京都豊島区巣鴨2-7-8 ミクロコスモスビル

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