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Learn English according to your age, classes starting from preschool to elementary 

2 ~ 6 years old 


(Can be extended until 18:00)

3 years old~ 3rd grade elementary


1st grade elementary ~


Preschool and Kindergarten 


At Microcosmos International Preschool & Kindergarten, we value children's individuality and provide education that maximizes the potential of each student. The basis of education is the development of the next generation who will contribute to society and fly around the world. Children play and learn in English while developing basic lifestyle and communication skills.


Be Joyful


Be Caring


Be Courageous




Develop foundations for an emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle 

Story Time

Hear stories that throw open the door to the joyous world of books


Nurture a healthy mind and body through gymnastics and dance

Learn the concepts of numbers and shapes and cultivate a habit of thinking





Learn about nature and science while fostering intellectual curiosity




Discover the joys of creation while improving your fine motor skills through Art


Meet interesting characters and explore exciting lands realizing the benefits of reading  

Through language, songs and dance learn about the intricate beauty of different countries 



Caterpillar Class (2 to 3 years old)

The children in the Caterpillars class are provided with a supportive and caring atmosphere to ensure a smooth transition away from home. The Caterpillars class is conducted through music, movement, games, and arts & crafts to develop fine and gross motor-skills. The class encourages children to become excited about learning, develop a sense of individuality, and strengthen their ability to express themselves in English. Kids also interact with their older peers by participating in centers and lunch time.

Bumblebee Class (3 to 4 years old)

The supportive atmosphere at Microcosmos allows children in the Bumblebees class to develop confidence and independence. The Bumblebees' class activities are rooted in personal experiences that make learning fun and meaningful to their everyday lives. Children learn early mathematical concepts which include number recognition, shapes, size, and quantification. The class also focuses on building basic grammar, phonics, and vocabulary that children can apply to their daily activities and play. The Bumblebees class aims to build a child's sense of responsibility while working together as a group.

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Ladybug Class (4 to 5 years old)

Children in the Ladybugs class learn to become good role models for the younger Caterpillars and Bumblebees classes while strengthening their academic skills. In the Ladybugs class, children enhance their literacy skills and gain various experiences through reading and writing. Math skills are strengthened by learning the basics of addition, subtraction, and identifying conceptual patterns. The Ladybugs often assist in the development of the younger children's social, motor and speaking skills.

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Butterfly Class (5 to 6 years old)

The Butterflies class will continue to cultivate their literacy, speaking, and math abilities, preparing the children for either International or Japanese Elementary school. The children in the Butterflies class are provided with freedom that allows them to choose from a given frame of activities, applying their developed social, literary, mathematics, and scientific abilities. This method will develop the children's curiosity and creative thinking power that will provide them with a base for learning throughout their lives.

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After Kinder


Have fun learning English while making new friends

Microcosmos International Preschool & Kindergarten's after kinder program allows you to have fun learning English through various activities such as English conversation, phonics, storytelling, art, sports, Japanese culture and dance. In addition, various activities are used during the lesson to keep children focused and engaged. All in English our group of outstanding native English teachers will lead each class. (For children 3 and up)


Story Time

Improve your listening skills and discover the fun of reading through the engaging stories told by our native English teachers. 

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Chit Chat

You will learn basic English greetings and expressions as you talk with your friends and teachers about weather, calendars, and familiar events.

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Arts & Crafts

Using Art as a medium improve your fine motor skills. Painting and completing crafts while conversing in English. We also learn about recycling through environmentally friendly art.

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Japanese Culture

We learn about Japanese culture and events in English so that we can connect Japanese culture to people around the world. Through plays and music we talk about and explore the wonderful culture of Japan.

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Learn the basics of the alphabet and phonics. Become familiar with English through songs, games and writing.

Songs & Rhymes

You will learn the correct pronunciation and accents through English nursery rhymes and pop music. This class is for children who are new to English.


Build physical strength through fitness, exploring different dance rhythms and body movements. Engaging in an English environment, develop listening skills while enjoying dance.

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Build physical strength through fitness exercises while improving your fine motor skills. Listening and responding to instructions in English will increase your vocabulary and confidence.

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Elementary Class


The MC Elementary Program aims to develop and strengthen English language skills in students from Elementary to High School. This is largely done by exposing students to different kinds of topics and stories to broaden their knowledge and language base. There are 2 types of lessons available: group lessons and private lessons.


Group Lessons

At MC we understand that language does not develop in a linear fashion. Students are sometime better at speaking than writing. Hence, the Elementary program focuses on 2 separate modules based on language proficiency: Listening & Speaking; and Reading & Writing. After a simple placement test, students are assigned a group class. Students may be placed in different groups depending on their language proficiency. Right now, we have 4 groups available at MC: Level pre-A, Level A, Level B, and Level C.

Listening & Speaking

In Listening & Speaking Class, students are provided with vocabulary and ample opportunities to generate language. We cannot learn language without making mistakes. Teachers provide support and scaffolding for students to experiment, discover, and learn.

Reading and Writing

Reading & Writing class aims to focus on strengthening literacy skills. Students are provided with a vast variety of literature panning topics such as math, science, general knowledge, history, and folk tales to develop vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills.

In addition to these, the MC Elementary Group Program students also develop analytical and critical skills.


Library Time

MC has an extensive library for students to pick from! Our Principal believes that reading good books helps students develop strong character. All group lessons have 15 minutes of free reading time before class starts. This library time is free of cost!


Private Lessons

Students can also avail for one on one private lessons. These lessons provide personalized attention. The lessons are dependent on the students’ needs. Generally, students that cannot fit into group classes due to schedule availability opt for private lessons.