International Pre-School | Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Microcosmos International Pre-schoolEnglish education starting from 2 years old

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Characteristics of Microcosmos International Preschool

English Preschool starting from 2 years old

Our pre-school offers small class sizes which creates an immersive education lead by native teachers. In order to increase your English ability to a native level in Japan, where English opportunities are limited in your daily life, it is necessary to engage in English for many hours during early childhood. We play in English for more than 5,000 hours in 4 years from the age of 2 years from graduation to our pre-school, and while learning in English, the children listen to and understand English and acquire the ability to convey their thoughts in English. 



Our preschool employs native English speakers as full-time teachers. During early childhood a toddler's ability to listen to various sounds and imitate what they hear is heightened. Using this ability children at Microcosmos are able to vastly increase their English capability. The curriculum and teaching methods are  developed by Native teachers who hold master's degrees in TESOL (English Teaching Method). We offer an immersive English education system, therefore not only are the conversations between the children and the teachers in English, but also the conversations between the children themselves are all in English.



Native Instructors with ESL teaching certifications 




Small Class Size & Nutritional Education 

To give students the highest quality English education and to ensure their safety, we offer small class sizes.

Average ratio of teachers to children is 1: 4 (as of April 2016)

Because of our small class sizes teachers are able to give more attention to each student. Children are then able to absorb more English and have many opportunity to speak. 

In addition, our preschool offers daily homemade nutritious meals. We serve warm Japanese-style menus such as rice, miso soup, simmered dishes and mixed dishes. Our drinking water is provided using a water purifier that removes bacteria and viruses.


Our preschool has music classes, where specialized instructors give lessons for rhythmic and musical instruments. Caterpillar and Bumblebee classes include a rhythmic lesson in the preschool curriculum. In addition, the Ladybug and Butterfly classes can take group violin lessons during after class.




Eurhythmics & Music Lessons

Our International Preschool is a 2-minute walk from Sugamo Station and a 9-minute walk from Komagome Station. It is located in the birthplace of Somei Yoshino, and there are various parks of various sizes in addition to the famous gardens such as Rikugi-en and Old Furukawa Garden. It is a preschool where you can feel the change of the seasons abundantly while being located in Tokyo.



An environment blessed with the rich greenery of Tokyo


Sakurai Village Park in Yoshi Yoshii

A park in Komagome Somei, the birthplace of Somei Yoshino. The children of our preschool go to this park every day playing, singing and laughing joyfully.


Rikugi-en, along with Koishikawa Korakuen, are considered to be Tokyo's two largest gardens. These delicate and gentle Japanese gardens are designated as the country's special scenic spots. In spring and fall, we pack our lunch boxes and go on a picnic.

Access to Microcosmos International Preschool

Address:           〒 170-0002

                        Sugamo 2-7-8, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

    Micro Cosmos Building


Phone number: 03-6903-7077


Access:            2-minute walk from Yamanote Line/

                       Mita Line "Sugamo Station"

    9 minutes on foot from Yamanote Line/ 

Namboku Line "Komagome Station"